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【New Frontier HQ】 Chinese Civilization (01) The Dawn of Civilization / Part 01

Essays on Chinese Civilization. Derk Bodde. This collection of twenty-one articles represents some of the major writings by one of the United States' leading Sinologists, Derk Bodde. China in Ten Words. Yu Hua.

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An Age of Progress? Walter G. Modern society has operated under the assumption that technological developments and the production of material goods intrinsically lead to improvement in the overall welfare of individuals and nations. However, Walter G.

The gods of Abraham, Isaiah, and Confucius | SpringerLink

Moss provides a more analytical reading of the main trends of the twentieth century, and offers a gripping introduction to the defining themes of the recent past. His history is an accomplished review, dealing with the complexities and subtleties of this beguiling epoch with the adeptness that has made his previous historical works such resounding successes.

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  6. The introduction made by Jung is part of the masterpieces of the philosophical art. I think that, for the subject that concerns us now, there are two fundamental symbols: Qian and Kun. The first is pure Yang, is active and refers to the sky. The second is pure Yin, which is passive and refers to the Earth. We can think of the duality between the Mediterranean goddesses of the Earth and the gods of heaven. We can also think of the purusa-prakriti duality of the Indian Samkya. But from the Chinese worldview at least that which is implicit in the Yin-Yang doctrine , it is not possible to speak of dualisms: within the goddesses of the Earth there would be gods of heaven.

    And vice versa. All together, interwoven, inter-fertilized. It is a symbol that shows polarity and movement; and that also appears, with few morphological differences, in the Celtic, Etruscan and Roman cultures. As far as China is concerned, I believe that a great philosophical expressiveness has been achieved by including within each color a circle of the opposite color, which, according to the Chinese sages, could always be subdivided into another diagram of two interlaced colours.

    And so on to infinity. To infinity. This must not be forgotten. I suggest these two internet sites:. This last site is edited by Victor H.

    Permanent and also metaphysically regulated change. But, if we do really philosophize if we do really think we discover that change is impossible, illogical. In fact, everything that happens seems to be impossible maybe because everything that happens is purely magical, the masterpiece, the outcome of the unlimited power and creativity of a prodigious magician. In any case, in order to just testify about changes, an observer should remain immutable precisely the one who affirmed that something has changed… the one who is supposed to have noticed that the reality surrounding him has changed.

    But that observer, according to the Chinese tradition, at least as far as I get, and, even according to the current world view of Physics, is also constantly shaken by the great dance that moves everything. Therefore, there would be no place to locate even to think a fixed point from which to affirm that, a few minutes ago, there was not a hawk in the sky and now there is. Change is fantasy chemical-biological fantasy, for those who do not want to abandon the neurophysiological worldview.

    Bodde Derk - Essays on Chinese Civilization.pdf

    And there, only there — in that fantasy- it is possible to visualize the tension of complementary opposites. However, this tension seems to me finally linguistic like everything that can appear in sentences : the Yin-Yang presupposes a certain structure of words.

    It is said that Yang would be the luminous slope of a mountain, and Yin the shadowy one. The opposite of something requires assuming the ontological reality of that something. Our program is as easy as and offers super competitive prices.

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    A Short History of Chinese Philosophy. Peking Diary a Year of Revolution. All rights reserved. For personal use only. All rights in images of books or other publications are reserved by the original copyright holders.