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Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting papers. IEEE translate to no more than 17 (review articles) or 15 (research articles) formatted pages. Word .doc ovfiblireacon.ga), Portable Document Format (PDF), Corel WordPerfect (WPD ).

Turing Test is used to check whether a system is intelligent or not. Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence. Following are the types of agents in Artificial Intelligence systems:.

It is required to make intelligent systems work according to your instructions. Natural Language Understanding involves creating useful representations from the natural language. Image Processing is another field in Computer Science and a popular topic for a thesis in Computer Science. There are two types of image processing — Analog and Digital Image Processing. Digital Image Processing is the process of performing operations on digital images using computer-based algorithms to alter its features for enhancement or for other effects. Through Image Processing, essential information can be extracted from digital images.

It is an important area of research in computer science. The techniques involved in image processing include transformation, classification, pattern recognition, filtering, image restoration and various other processes and techniques. Following are the main purposes of image processing :. Bioinformatics is a field that uses various computational methods and software tools to analyze the biological data. In simple words, bioinformatics is the field that uses computer programming for biological studies. It is the current topic of research in computer science and is also a good topic of choice for the thesis.

This field is a combination of computer science, biology, statistics, and mathematics.

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It uses image and signal processing techniques to extract useful information from a large amount of data. Following are the main applications of bioinformatics:. Quantum Computing is a computing technique in which computers known as quantum computers use the laws of quantum mechanics for processing information. Quantum Computers are different from digital electronic computers in the sense that these computers use quantum bits known as qubits for processing.

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A lot of experiments are being conducted to build a powerful quantum computer. Once developed, these computers will be able to solve complex computational problems which cannot be solved by classical computers. Quantum is the current and the latest topic for research and thesis in computer science. Quantum Computing finds its application in the following areas:. The list is incomplete as there are a number of topics to choose from. But these are the trending fields these days. Whether you have any presentation, thesis project or a seminar you can choose any topic from these and prepare a good report.

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Before you embark on the search for a topic, consider the following suggestions that will help you work out an initial strategy. First of all, you need to choose a good academic supervisor or advisor. Ask around and find out whether previous students were satisfied with his or her supervision. Again, ask your professor to give you a list of current issues in the field of computer science that are underdeveloped. Your lecturers have profound experience and are aware of all of the directions of research conducted in their areas of scientific interest.

They can suggest a great idea and help you implement it. Remember that computer science is now widely used in different fields.

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Its application ranges from physics and medicine to education and entertainment. You can focus on the theoretical part of a certain issue or present your ideas about practical use of a particular program. Experienced application essay service: Admissionland. Professional essay writing service - EssayMill.

Many academic institutions host their own repositories of faculty and student research. In addition to dissertations and theses, institutional repositories often contain technical reports , datasets , conference papers and other files associated with conference presentations. The following is a list of some of the more robust institutional Computer Science repositories. This repository holds approximately technical reports, with the best represented areas of inquiry being Computer-Communication Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages and Software Engineering.

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Approximately 1, documents related to Computer Science and Computer Engineering, including Columbia dissertations, articles, datasets, and technical reports. Holdings consist primarily of conference presentations. Repositories of dissertations and theses submitted by PhD and masters students are good places to survey pre-publication research.