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Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting papers. IEEE translate to no more than 17 (review articles) or 15 (research articles) formatted pages. Word .doc ovfiblireacon.ga), Portable Document Format (PDF), Corel WordPerfect (WPD ).

Is the information provided correct?

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Can you verify the information in print sources? Is the grammar and spelling correct?

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If not, then you might want to reconsider using the information, or at least be cautious. Is the information a fact or an assumption? Remember, you are looking for facts as proof of evidence, so look for the source quotation. Here are a few tips in how to use websites: Determine what information you are looking for; then review the sites for what they can provide.

Allow yourself a few minutes to learn to navigate the site before you begin your research.

Genealogy is important to Mormons because they believe in eternal families

Keep a detailed record of the site s you visited and the information you gathered. Double check all the URLs that you list in your records.

For these sources you will need to consult your local government documents library. Official Register of the US lists all non-military Federal employees.

Related by Location

Historical Register of the Army Established in , NARA is an independent agency of the US Government charged with preserving and documenting government and historical records and with increasing public access to these documents. Since , the US has conducted a census every ten years.

Newspaper Research

The records of the Censuses have been released, and are available for research. The most recently released was the Census which premiered in As census records are not released until 72 years after their origin date, the Census will not be released until Genealogist know the value of such geographical aids such as maps and gazetteers. Among other uses, these resources can help locate an old homestead, or assist in using the Census schedules.

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Since , Congress has published its House and Senate reports and documents in a serialize publication called the Serial Set. These are important for genealogist as in their pages is the largest collection of family data compiled by the Federal government.

March Is Genealogy Month at KHCPL.

The Serial Set contains military records, immigration records, land records, lists of government employees, pension records, as well as much, much more. This gives the address to which written requests for birth or death certificates can be sent.

Because these records are kept by the individual states, this page is organized by state. The index entries are arranged by tribe and there under by enrollment category Cherokee By Blood, Cherokee Minor, Cherokee Freedmen, etc. A selected list of books in the Library of Congress compiled primarily for researchers of Afro-American lineages.

The Library was established in