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Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting papers. IEEE translate to no more than 17 (review articles) or 15 (research articles) formatted pages. Word .doc ovfiblireacon.ga), Portable Document Format (PDF), Corel WordPerfect (WPD ).

Georgetown requires scores from all test sittings. If there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from completing three Subject Tests by the Regular Decision deadline, you can write a letter to the admissions committee explaining your situation. If you are interested in an art, music, theater, or dance program at Georgetown, you have the option to send in supplemental materials , but this is not required. To recap, below is everything you need to submit when you apply to Georgetown.

You can use this application checklist to stay organized and make sure you've submitted all the required materials. What makes a standout Georgetown application? They want students who will do well in their classes and also work well with professors, fellow students, and university groups.

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In order to make the most accurate admissions decisions, Georgetown looks at a variety of factors that could indicate future success at the school. Below are some of the most important factors:. Georgetown wants to know you can excel in their classes, so they'll look for academic excellence in your application. There are usually three factors that show academic excellence:. Being strong in each of these three areas proves to Georgetown that you can handle and do well with difficult coursework.

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The next section gives more specific information on what grades and test scores you should be aiming for. Georgetown wants leaders at their school because leaders are more likely to have an impact at the school and after they graduate. Anything that shows that you took initiative and were able to excel with additional responsibilities will prove that you have the potential to be a strong leader at Georgetown and beyond. Students who are passionate about what they are studying are more likely to get better grades and do well in their careers after they graduate.

In order to prove your excitement for what you're going to study at Georgetown, your application should indicate that you've taken classes and pursued extracurriculars in that subject area during high school. For example, if you want to major in pre-med and eventually become a doctor, your high school transcript should include lots of science- and math-oriented classes, while your extracurriculars could include activities such as being part of a science club, volunteering at a hospital, etc. Getting good grades is important, but Georgetown also wants students who will be part of the campus community and get along with other students.

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This skill makes the campus a happier place, and more engaged students often have a larger positive impact on their school. Being involved in a group club or sports team demonstrates sociability, and the people writing your letters of recommendation can also mention your strong people skills. For a school as competitive as Georgetown, your application needs to be strong across the board. Below are the five key parts of the Georgetown application as well as tips for how you can excel on each one to impress admissions officers:.

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Your transcript shows Georgetown three essential pieces of info: which classes you took, how difficult they were, and the grades you received in them. There are additional class recommendations depending on what you want to major in at Georgetown. You can see those recommendations here. Georgetown has rigorous classes, and they want to see applicants who have already challenged themselves by taking advanced classes in high school. Accepted Georgetown students have an average unweighted GPA of about 3. This means that, in addition to taking advanced classes, you'll need to get practically all A's.

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H igh grades are most important in classes related to your future major. A safe score to aim for is the 75th percentile score for admitted Georgetown students. You can get scores lower than this and still get accepted, but these are solid goal scores to try to aim for. Check out our guide for more information on who to ask to write your letter of recommendation and a step-by-step guide on how to ask.

Georgetown requires three essays. The first essay is a short answer and should be about half a page single-spaced. Below are the current Georgetown essay prompts :. Please submit a brief essay, either personal or creative, which you feel best describes you. Be sure to use specific examples that let admissions officers see what you care about and why you would be an asset to Georgetown. They want to see someone who is passionate about something and will use that passion to excel in school and have a positive impact on Georgetown.

The final essay gives you a chance to show Georgetown what your future plans are. Be sure to reference specific resources at Georgetown, such as study abroad options, student groups, or research opportunities you're interested in. Check out this step-by-step guide for more info on how to write a great college essay. Your extracurriculars are also an important part of your Georgetown application.

The best way to stand out with your extracurriculars is to emphasize your passion and leadership skills. You can do this by pursuing extracurriculars in a field related to your future major, sticking with them, and achieving leadership roles in them.

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Georgetown is a very competitive school, but understanding its application process and what admissions officers are looking for can help increase your odds of getting in. There are also two Georgetown essay prompts you'll need to complete. When looking over your application, admissions officers want applicants whom they believe will excel academically and develop strong personal relationships at Georgetown. Wondering what a good SAT score is?

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  8. Learn how to set a goal score based on the schools you want to get into. Want to know how to make your extracurriculars stand out even more? Check out this guide to four amazing extracurricular activities and learn why they're so impressive to colleges. Trying to decide between community college classes and AP classes? Which one looks better on college applications? Describe a situation when failure has been your fuel.

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    What was your failure or when did you not succeed to your full potential , and how did you use this as motivation to move forward and be successful in a future situation? Essay Option Three: Think of the business leader or role model you admire or aspire to be. What are the defining characteristics of their personal brand that you see in yourself, why would you highlight those qualities, and how will those characteristics enrich the community at McDonough?

    We ask that you introduce yourself to your cohort in one minute or less. The admissions committee would like for you to appear in person for part of your video and we strongly encourage you to speak outside of the experiences noted on your resume.

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    You may use your phone, computer, or other means to record the video, but please ensure all audio and visual components are clear. We recommend a well-lit room and minimal noise distraction. Your video should be about 1 minute in length. Please provide any information you would like to add to your application that you have not otherwise included.

    How have you strengthened your candidacy since your last application? We are particularly interested in hearing about how you have grown professionally and personally. Essay 1. If personal, then please also include how it had an impact on your professional development. We ask that you prepare a one-minute video, upload it to an accessible website such as Youtube, Vimeo, Youku, or Tudou , and submit the direct video URL into your online application. Please introduce yourself to your future Georgetown MBA cohort.

    Use this video as an opportunity to bring life to your application.

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    Please note that we cannot accept private or password protected videos. Optional Essay 1.