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Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting papers. IEEE translate to no more than 17 (review articles) or 15 (research articles) formatted pages. Word .doc ovfiblireacon.ga), Portable Document Format (PDF), Corel WordPerfect (WPD ).

According to Stogdill , a great man is confident, and he has a strong ego. All this shows to us his excellent social skills. Subordinates are surprised by his brainpower and the way he inspires and leads his subordinates. These are signs of his intelligence and his motivation to lead. Examine the style, approach and content of the leadership demonstrated by specific examples Daft subscribes Bezos as a strong charismatic and also a visionary entrepreneur leader Dyer, et al. According to Schlooser and Todorovic there are commonalities between entrepreneurs and charismatic leaders.

Subordinates usually are attracted by the way an entrepreneur and charismatic leader shows his great passion on achieving goals, taking risks, adding value in the organization and the way to control the business Schlooser and Todorovic, According to Daft in an organization like Amazon where growth increases and the leader Bezos provide his major goal for continued growth, subordinates are exited and fully committed. Bezos has also a great ability to adapt to changes. He believes that engaging only to practices which will surely be successful, will prevent from exploring new opportunities The business journals, May, Amazon.

According to Adair in order to increase the effectiveness of the group, leaders managers must find ways to cover three basic needs of their subordinates: task needs work hard , individual needs have fun and team maintance needs write history. Situational approach Hersey and Blanchard, focuses on the situation where characteristics of an effective leadership are depending on the situation.

Furthermore, Bezos is a transformational leader. Researchers in leadership argue that visionary and charisma are some of the characteristics of a transformational leader Mullins, Shares are offered for bonuses to Amazon. Evaluate whether Jeff Bezos could have been as effective in a different context or organization, giving a credible argument for this supported by referenced theory Jeff Bezos has showed he can lead Amazon.

His visionary entrepreneur leadership style Dyer, et al. His transformational leadership style Burns, also indicates his charismatic way on leading his organization under different situations. According to Charles , Bezos and Amazon are preparing another big surprise for their competitors: The new Kindle phone. These show us that Bezos could be effective if the context of the company was different.

Jeffrey Bezos is an entrepreneur, and like other entrepreneurs he is known for having started his own business. It is unknown whether he could lead an established organization. According to these transferable skills and his traits charisma, creativity, energy-drive, strong ego, honesty and integrity, social sills he could lead different context companies in various situations. Conclusion We showed that Jeff Bezos is a strong visionary and charismatic entrepreneur leader with the traits of a great man. He is also a situational and transformational leader with a great ability to inspire his suborders.

They admire his brainpower and his successful decision-making. He can easily adapt to change, and his transferable skills make him a great leader under any circumstances. References Anon.

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Click to download. A Retail Revolution Turns Boyle, A. Byers, A. Jeff Bezos: The Founder of Amazon. New York: Rosen Publishing Group. Therefore it is a very efficient way and should be incorporated by most organisations. A performance review is conducted every quarter by the human resource department to assess the overall performance of employees and managers.

This helps in keeping a track of the improvement or reduction in performance. This measure is also pertinent to improve the quality of leadership and teamwork success.

5 Different Types of Leadership Styles - Brian Tracy

At DSP BlackRock several team building exercises are conducted to improve the efficiency of the teams. The Human resource department conducts an annual offsite retreat where they organise several team building games and sports. The main motive of such events was to improve the understanding within the team, reduce conflicts within the team and organisation, generating greater commitment and improving coordination amongst team members and leaders.


Organizational Behaviour Leadership - Essay Example

Organisations face certain problems like lack of clear goals, conflicts within team and with leader and job dissatisfaction. Most issues can be sorted out with the help of such exercises. For other issues the team leaders have to understand the problem and sort it out. Therefore team leader also plays a crucial in teamwork success. Another problem in team work success is the lack of understanding with the team leader.

Team leader should involve team members in decision making process and should not only allocate them work. Such events are also essential to motivate the employees and are arranged twice a year. Costs involved in conducting such events are high but the return on investment can be measured through improvement in bottom line of organisation. Therefore such events should be conducted to improve the teamwork success. At DSP BlackRock extensive training is given to employees to enhance their knowledge and understanding of their role.

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Once the employee is clear about their role, they are able to perform efficiently. These trainings are conducted by the human resource department of the organisation. Such trainings are particularly given to new employees.

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According to Argote and McGrath efficient team work requires "a balance between autonomy and decentralisation of power on one hand, for the sake of both motivation and flexibility, and centralised control on the other hand, for the sake of coordination and predictability". DSP BlackRock has a well designed reward and recognition structure in place. This structure links performances with compensation. Practically thinking, employees work for financial gains.

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  • Linking performance with compensation is very essential for all the above steps to work effectively. Until the above mentioned steps are linked to performance team member and leaders won't be motivated to work efficiently. Such structures should be initiated to improve the teamwork success and improving the quality of leadership in organisations. As management is now being considered as dynamic, leadership quality and teamwork success improvement is an ongoing process.

    Even though there are certain drawbacks like the cost involved and quantifying performance the overall return on investment is positive and hence I, as a consultant, would recommend similar steps for the company.

    Importance of nonprofit leadership and management

    Argote, L. Cooper and I. Bouckaert, G. Deming, W. Fulmer, R. Giber, D, and Goldsmith, M. Henrikson, M. Hernez-Broome, G.

    Organizational behavior Essay

    Kakabadse, A. Klagge, J. Leadership development needs of today's organisational managers. Leadership and Organisational Development Journal. Larson, C. Sage, Newbury Park, CA. Lawer, J. Existentialism and leadership", Leadership, 1 2 , pp. Leadership development: learning from best practices. Locke, E. Essay UK, Management and organizational behaviour. If you are the original author of this content and no longer wish to have it published on our website then please click on the link below to request removal:.

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    Management and Organizational Behaviour Executive Summary This study is an attempt to evaluate the various steps that can improve the quality of leadership and teamwork success of an organisation. Introduction Leadership can be defined as the role of leaders to influence their team in a desired manner to achieve organisational goal Yukl, He maintains that we should look at leadership as more than a means to organizational effectiveness.

    Efficiency means getting achievable decisions that execute the goals of the organization. It is a necessity then, the infusion of these principles into the leader and from the leader into the organization. FriedPapers Hire a Writer. Organizational behavior Essay 1. Visit Site. Best Value. Best Prices.