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Due to these unconfessed secrets, the sunshine now frays away from Hester. She stands up many other things other than the A itself. She speaks up and silences the Governor and Dimmesdale when they demand to take Pearl away from her. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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Love Medicine Essays. The Shipping News Essays. Discussion Questions. How old is the infant? Wilson p. Dimmesdale, p.

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What are some of the personality traits and attitudes of clergy? What is his counter to her fears? Who does not wear her work? What irony might there be in the townspeople covering themselves in the handiwork of Hester?

How does it play into the plot? What does Hawthorne use Mistress Hibbins to show? How does that factor into the complications in this story? How does she illustrate freedom and law? What are the interworkings of intellect and matters of the heart and matters of conscience in human beings, in your view?

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How does this shift impact both men? But what is required of human beings" L. Is guilt always bad? What is the nature of Nature? What do you think? Discussion Time Out. Through the example of one of Martha Ballard's children, we see that premarital pregnancy is not frowned upon if the father supports the child or marries the mother. Perhaps if Hawthorne had placed the story in , Dimmesdale and Chillingworth could have settled their differences with a duel.

Notice that the diary and the rules for duels are examples of primary documents. The novel we are reading is fiction, with characters and outcomes orchestrated by Hawthorne to illustrate his commentary on his themes. Preparing the Presentation Writing the Paper.

Paper Introduction Class discussion notes on thesis:. Example Applied.

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OR Your writing made important points but the crucial elements of those points were not supported with textual evidence from the novel. In some cases, your analysis indicates you did not read or partially read the novel. This results in incorrect or out of context interpretations. SL Presentation Rubric. Scarlet Letter Chapter 6 Pearl excerpt.


Scarlet Letter Rewrite Assignment. Scarlet Letter Slide Check. Scarlet Letter Writing Assignment Fall Here is background taken from a Hawthorne biography from the European Graduate School on why he may have been influenced to include that chapter: The income from publishing short stories still left much to be desired and the couple moved in with Hawthorne's mother in Salem in Dismissed for sports or a field trip?

Forgot your book? The force in the first section Chapters is the Puritan community; 2. Discussion Questions Ch 1. What do we expect to be the reactions of women? Student questions p. How long has he been gone? L 16 -P. L25 -P Relate the ideas about the nature of Nature to Pearl. The book is Martha Ballard's diary, kept over 27 years.

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That she had time to write is amazing, considering her service to women in labor. It was about years after the setting of The Scarlet Letter , but much had not changed regarding living at the mercy of the sea and elements and the hard physical work both men and women performed. Spared the death sentence, the usual punishment for the sin of adultery, she is imprisoned for three months, shamed in public, and sentenced to wear the scarlet letter on her bodice to remind all of her crime.

Courageous, independent, and strong, Hester rejects the Puritan community's judgment that her affair with Dimmesdale was a sin. Rather, her passionate nature inclines her to view their act of love as sacred; what they did "had a consecration of its own. The citizens of Boston scorn and shun her, although they eagerly buy and wear her gorgeous handiwork.

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  7. Over the years Hester's kindness for those in the community earns her a new reputation: she becomes much loved and respected for her charity, good deeds, and selflessness. In this way, the A on Hester's chest comes to stand for able, and Hester is welcomed rather than scorned. She has retained her self-respect and endured with grace and dignity. Arthur Dimmesdale is a handsome young Puritan minister.

    Hester's secret lover is a human being who has succumbed to his wild nature and, as a man of faith, suffers bitterly for his transgression. Unlike Hester, he believes that their love affair was indeed wicked, a violation of the seventh commandment, "Thou shalt not commit adultery. His emotional pain leads to his physical decline: he becomes pale and painfully thin.