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Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting papers. IEEE translate to no more than 17 (review articles) or 15 (research articles) formatted pages. Word .doc ovfiblireacon.ga), Portable Document Format (PDF), Corel WordPerfect (WPD ).

From these experience, I appreciate how being a doctor can be gruelling, but also very gratifying. Above all, I realise the importance in having moral fibre, perseverance and humility. Every Wednesday for four months I shadowed my local GP. Watching him give both medical and social advice with such understanding and clinical skill to people from every race, culture and faith made me realise the importance of primary care, good communication and careful allocation of resources.

As a concert pianist, I have gained experience in handling stress and performance anxiety. I perform at a local hospice every week and through successful piano competitions, I had the honour of playing at the Jacqueline De Pre Hall in Oxford. I enjoy conveying the emotion of a piece of music in a beautiful and hopefully profound way.

Advisor Corner: Crafting Your Personal Statement

As a school mentor and piano teacher for younger students, I developed skills in passing on information effectively and in listening to others with patience and respect. I hold positions of responsibility as a school prefect and founder of two societies, where I teach students musical theory and philosophy. Having also been a St John first aider for three years, I gained experience in making others feel comfortable in times of close contact and in assessing situations quickly and effectively.

I also enjoy helping out at community events.

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Finally, I enjoy acting, and also performing magic; being able to instil wonder and joy in others is priceless. I believe I have the humility, scientific acuity and empathy to become a committed doctor and to face the challenges ahead in my chosen career. The first paragraph is often the hardest the write, and there are a number of ways you can go about it. One possible way to sound more gripping is by richly conveying a personal experience, either as a volunteer or during your work experience.

Following the purely descriptive account of the boy, the model statement goes on to reveal what the writer learnt from the experience. Many students make the mistake of simply describing all the things they did during their hospital placement or whilst volunteering.

Sample Medical School Personal Statements

More importantly, a carefully thought out reflection of what you learnt or developed during your experience demonstrates an insight into the qualities and skills needed in good doctors. These qualities and skills may include compassion, empathy, humility, commitment, strong communication, teamwork, and perseverance, among others. Throughout the application process, medical schools are looking not just for an understanding of the medical course, but medicine as a career.

The writer here shows an awareness of medicine as a profession that requires continuous learning and growth, as well as an opportunity to do good in the world. Of course, there is some flowery language here, but the writer carefully chose this sentence to offer a convincing ending to the opening paragraph. Ultimately, no matter how much you want to care for people, studying medicine requires some degree of interest in the biological sciences, otherwise you may as well serve people through a number of other fulfilling career paths, as a social worker, for example.

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  4. Note how this opening sentence sets the scene for the paragraph to come — it clearly marks a scientific theme. Too often students fail to pick up a thesaurus and can end up sounding grey, unexciting and almost apathetic towards the things they talk about in some areas of their statement. Never underestimate how the careful choice of language can add a new dimension to your personal statement. The next few sentences provide support for the natural inquisitiveness and scientific interest the writer claimed to have.

    If scientific research plays a lesser role in your reasons for applying to medicine, then dedicate more space for work experience, volunteering and extra-curricular activities. Medical School Survival Tips. Visiting Student Learning Opportunities. Research and Training Opportunities. Applying to Residency. Apply Smart for Residency. Interviewing for Residency Positions. Managing Your Finances During Residency. Matching Services for Residencies. Steps in the FindAResident Process. Training Opportunities for Residents.

    Public Health Training Opportunities.

    Training in a Residency or Fellowship. Training Opportunities for Residents and Fellows. Managing Your Medical Career. Tools for Success During Residency.

    Handling Finances During Residency. One of the first opportunities for an applicant to convey this message to admissions officers is through their personal comments essay in the AMCAS application. We asked three pre-health advisors how they advise their students to put their best self forward when crafting their personal statements. These intimate experiences of being there for someone in a vulnerable time made me want to pursue a career in Medicine. With over nearly , applications for nearly 9, spaces each year for UK medical schools, competition is fierce.

    Reasons to Write a Med School Personal Statement and Its Challenges

    The reason for work experience is not just to tick off criteria for your UCAS application. There are many other reasons for undergoing work experience:. There are several ways to find work experience, of which this site has several options. The key is to pull out the skills and qualities that you have seen or used you and reflect on them.

    Sample Personal Statements

    Reflection changes how your personal statement is written, for example:. I was fascinated by the breadth of knowledge the doctor demonstrated and their ability to help such a large number of people.

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    It was a huge driving force in my decision to apply to Medical School as it reinforces my passion to work with people and my interest in the broad field of medicine. Although both statements are describing the same period of work experience, the second has demonstrated how to draw out the skills from the experience and reflect upon it.

    You need to be able to do this with every case or every skill you write in your statement. You need to be able to demonstrate you have shown commitment in your previous work, work experience or extracurricular activities. You can show this by adding only a few extra words, for example:. By simply adding a timeframe to the extra-curricular activity automatically demonstrates the commitment. A medical degree is a minimum of 5 years and then the hard work begins of actually being a doctor.