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Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting papers. IEEE translate to no more than 17 (review articles) or 15 (research articles) formatted pages. Word .doc ovfiblireacon.ga), Portable Document Format (PDF), Corel WordPerfect (WPD ).

The College of Education. Doctor of Philosophy in Systems Biology. Dissertation Defense Form-PhD. American Education System. School of Engineering and Computer Science. Assessment form for doctoral students in the Department of Zoology. Download advertisement.


A beginner's guide to wand motions. State Flags. Sign language alphabet. Art History. Countries of Europe. Add this document to collection s. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. By that time the students will have an opportunity to understand the research interests of faculty members. Students will have many opportunities to interact with faculty via PhD seminars, workshops, working as research assistants, and research collaborations.

In some cases, students are admitted with a particular research interest e. In such cases, PhD students will be identified with a mentor s as a condition to their admission in the PhD program. The role of the mentor in the initial stages is to guide the student on a research project. As the student progresses in the program, the mentor could take on the role of the dissertation advisor.

If the student works with more than one faculty, as is the case in accounting, the student could have multiple mentors. At some point in the program, preferably immediately after the course work is completed, the student will make a decision about the dissertation advisor. Coursework The expectation is that students will come with a thorough understanding of the undergraduate calculus sequence and linear matrix algebra.

Paper Requirements 1st year paper: Typically the 1st year paper will come out of the pro-seminar class and sitting in the three accounting PhD seminars. The deadline for presentation of the 1st year paper in the accounting research workshop is December 1 of the second year. At the end of each presentation, the accounting PhD committee will evaluate whether the student has satisfactorily completed the presentation requirement.

Publication of Research Papers The purpose of requiring students to work on research papers is to ultimately get them published.


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Publication, while in the PhD program, will help students to get placed in a research university. Students are expected to publish at least one paper in a journal on the school-wide journal list see Appendix 4 for the journal list while they are in the PhD program.

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There are also other incentives for students to publish. In addition, the accounting department will make additional contribution towards the prize money please see Section 5 for a detailed discussion of excellence in research. The first level certification must be completed preferably before they join the program but no later than July 15 of Year 1. The second level certification must be completed by July 15 of year 2.

Comprehensive Exam Students are expected to take the comprehensive preliminary exam in early Spring of Year 3 after they complete their coursework, and present two papers in the workshop. The content of the comprehensive exam will be based on the concentration seminars. A reading list comprising papers will be provided by each PhD instructor.

Guest lecturers in these concentration seminars including the pro-seminar will also be invited to contribute questions for the comprehensive exam along with a reading list. The exam will be graded by the Comprehensive Examination Committee which is typically the PhD committee formed by the PhD coordinator and will include concentration seminar instructors see section 4 for additional information. Workshop Attendance and Critiques Attendance at the workshops is mandatory.

Only in extenuating circumstances will the student be excused from workshop attendance. The student must inform the PhD coordinator and the mentor of the reason for the absence. Merely informing that they will be absent is not considered adequate. Written critiques of the workshop papers are required to be submitted to the PhD coordinator at least 2 days usually by 10am on Wednesdays for Friday workshops in advance.

Students who pass the comprehensive exam are exempt from workshop critiques, but are expected to read the papers and participate in the workshop. Performance Evaluation At the end of the academic year in early May students will be asked to complete an evaluation form. Conferences and Doctoral Consortia Presentations at Conferences: Students are encouraged to present at national and section conferences. Before they submit a paper, they are required to consult with their mentor s.

Partial funding will be provided for attending the conference where the student presents a paper. In some situations e. Barring unusual circumstances, students are expected to attend these consortia. Partial funding for attendance will be provided by the department. Students are encouraged to discuss with the PhD coordinator and mentor about how to accomplish this goal. Other matters GAs will be assigned to professors in August. GAs are expected to complete a weekly report, and email the report to the PhD coordinator. Students are expected to be collegial and collaborative.

They are also expected to volunteer for faculty and PhD recruitment activities. Vacations: Students are expected to be working on their course work and research projects. The department recommends that they not take more than 2 weeks of vacation during the Summer. During the Winter break, students are strongly encouraged to take their vacation in December so that they are available during the first two weeks of January. If students are going to leave town before the Summer, Winter, or Spring break officially begins, they are expected to obtain approval from the PhD coordinator and their mentor.

Summer Plan: In February, the PhD coordinator will send a memo asking students to submit a weekly plan for the Summer. This plan will be shared with the mentor if the student has selected a mentor and students are expected to provide a weekly update to the PhD coordinator and their mentor on the implementation of the plan. Other requirements: In addition to the above requirements, the department can impose additional requirements. In addition, PhD students must meet teaching and residence requirements. The average expected time to completion is five years. The deadline for presentation of paper in the finance department internal seminar is Fall of the third year.

After each presentation, a committee of finance faculty will evaluate whether the student has completed the presentation requirement with satisfaction. Comprehensive Preliminary Exam PhD students in Finance are required to pass a Comprehensive Preliminary Exam, which is designed to test whether the student has a comprehensive and integrated understanding of the theories, methodologies, and empirical findings in finance.

The exam primarily focuses on the knowledge gained in the concentration seminars and theory courses, albeit other pertinent materials may also be included in the comprehensive exam. The exam contains four parts relating to each of the above four courses. The exam is closed book and closed note. If a PhD student fails the comprehensive exam on the first attempt, the student must retake and pass the comprehensive exam within a reasonable time frame usually months.

Failing the exam a second time will lead to dismissal from the PhD program. Other Requirements Department seminars: There are two department seminar series: external seminar and internal seminar.

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Finance PhD students are required to attend both seminars. In the case of absence, a student must inform the PhD advisor and their mentor of the reason for the absence. Starting from the 3rd year, PhD students are required to present their research at the department internal seminar at least once per academic year. Vacation policy: Students are expected to work on their course work and research projects throughout the entire calendar year. The department recommends that students do not take more than 3 weeks of vacation during the Winter break and Summer. Presentations at Conferences: Students are encouraged to present at national and regional conferences.

Before they submit a paper, they are required to consult with their faculty mentor s. Partial funding will be provided by the department for attending the conference where the student presents a paper. They are also expected to volunteer for faculty and PhD recruitment activities, as well as other department events. As such, IB is interdisciplinary — it draws from economics and institutional and behavioral sciences, and its research areas include international dimensions of generic business functional areas as well as some distinct IB topics that challenge the paradigms and assumptions of individual functions or disciplines.

As a specialization within a Ph.

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In addition, additional credits must be maintained during the time of preparation for comprehensive exams, dissertation proposal and final defense. The 10 core courses include 2 required courses: BA statistics methods for business research, either a applied or b theoretical section , and BA economic theory of choice ; plus 8 more from the menus of other BA-listed courses, indicated in the Ph. The Ph. This schedule will be modified based on the requirements for individual students. They are expected to finish their coursework by the end of second year following Table A1.

Students who want to get a waiver of this requirement must speak to the MIS concentration advisor. The annual evaluation will be done in a comprehensive manner based on the coursework, research paper, research presentation and other research activities. As an important part of the annual performance evaluation, all 1 st and 2nd year students must complete a research paper. By the last day of class in the spring semester, all students must submit an electronic copy of their research papers to the MIS concentration advisor. All students are encouraged to work closely with at least one faculty mentor throughout the year to develop their papers.