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Instead, they used ingenuity and whatever resources they had to remain self-supporting, and considered government welfare a last resort.

Social studies Photo Essay on the Great Depression

Some people were reportedly angry and embarrassed when they realized their photographs had been published. Images from a Farm Security Administration exhibit. Credit: The Library of Congress.

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The FSA photo archives left an unprecedented historical legacy. The FSA created an historical archive unlike any made before.

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By the time the project was finished, FSA photographers had taken well over , photographs. Since the photographers were funded by the government, all photos were and remain in the public domain — neither the photographers nor their subjects received royalties. FSA photos appeared in popular magazines such as Fortune , Look and Life , making it almost impossible for any American to deny the devastating impact of the Great Depression.

Without the committed work of the FSA, the wealthy — some of whom actually got wealthier during the Depression — and people in the eastern United States might have remained oblivious to the full reach and suffering of rural Americans or offered ongoing support for the New Deal. What began as a political ploy ended as a poignant and realistic photo-documentary, made by some of the finest artists of the New Deal programs, which created a lasting legacy of a turbulent era in U.

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    This Day In History. To justify the need for New Deal projects, the government employed photographers to document the suffering of those affected, producing some of the most iconic photographs of the Great Depression. Great Depression History.

    Great Depression Photo Essay

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